How to Add SuperCallouts to the Camtasia Library

How to Add SuperCallouts to the Camtasia Library

Camtasia Studio Tutorial

Product: Camtasia Studio 7 and upwards

One way to add SuperCallouts into Camtasia 7 is explained in the PDF accompanying
the product. I chose to explain how to add a single Callout to your project,
but it’s also possible to add all of them to the library. Here I have explained
how to add them all.

The library doesn’t support folder in folder so one reason you may not want
to add them all is because this may clutter your library too much but of course
you can add them all to the library.

I would suggest that you don’t put all SuperCallouts into one single folder
as this will make it difficult to find your specific Callout fast.

Instead create one folder in your library for each SuperCallout folder you
would like to import.

Here is how you import all of them and have them accessible from your Camtasia

1) In Camtasia, open your Library

2) Right-click inside the library and choose New folder, name the folder for
example SuperCallouts or if you want to create on library folder for each SuperCallout
folder: 01 Bubble Blank, 02 Bubbles Buttons Text and so on.

3) Choose Import Media

4) Locate the folder where you saved SuperCallouts and open the image folder.

5) Drag in your SuperCallouts into the new folders you made in the library.

6) Voila, SuperCallouts are accessible from inside the library.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Peter Gillberg
SuperCallouts Manager