About Us

In October last year I was working on a Camtasia video project. I needed some cool custom callouts to include in the video. I knew what I wanted and started looking for the images online.

But everywhere I looked the images and callouts I found were either outright ugly, of low quality, high priced or all of the above. The sites wanted me to pay a monthly subscription fee and I realized that what looked like a low monthly fee would soon turn into a substantial yearly cost…

I decided to create the callouts I needed for myself instead. To make the images took a lot of work but I have to admit that I was spurred by the friendly comments I got.

People told me “great video”, “cool graphics”, “nice presentation” and stuff like that. More effort went into creating even more callouts for my videos. The idea of sharing this with more people started to grow on me. The idea of SuperCallouts was born.

Now, six months later and after a lot of hard work from my team and myself, SuperCallouts is finally ready.
So what is this package with 365 professionally designed high quality graphics going to cost you? Read on because I think the answer will make you happy.

Knowing what graphic collections like these cost and how much work that went into SuperCallouts we could easily charge over 100 dollars for this product but we won’t. My wish is to share this with a lot of people so I wanted to give great value at a really affordable price.